Khat, a mild stimulant plant grows mainly in Ethiopia, Kenya and Yemen.

Addis Abeba

The Ministry of Trade and regional Integration said it has revoked 830 business licenses of Khat exporters who are allegedly “involved in illegal activities” including failure to renew business licenses and misuse of their shop. The Ministry said many efforts were being made to increase the country’s income from khat export and streamline the legal trading system.

To that end, educative measures were being implemented by the Ministry by setting up a national level of information and organizing a task force to prevent illegal trade and smuggling, clarifying information, as well as tightening and monitoring Khat export exits at national level.

Khat, a mild stimulant plant grows mainly in Ethiopia, Kenya and Yemen; but Ethiopia is known to be the biggest exporting country. According to a research published in 2020 on Khat marketing and its export performance in the Ethiopian economy, “Khat industry is one of the leading agricultural sectors. The industry constitutes 4% of the country’s export earnings andshares9.4% of total merchandise export.”

“The value of Khat is the most dynamic over time. The value received from exported Khat increased from 15.9 million ETB in 1985s to 618.8 million ETB in 2000 and continued to rise and reached 6.1 billion ETB in 2017. The revenue of Khat export also increased from 138 tons in 1985 to 156 tons in 2000 and reached 488 tons in 2017. This was mainly attributed to increased demand from Somalia. Somaliland is becoming the largest importer of Khat replacing Djibouti, the traditional largest importer of Khat”, the research stated.



Simon Dert Aprl 26, 2020 reply

Studies have shown the age at which individuals begin chewing khat is younger than 10 years.Mihretu 2017 A special gathering during which people chew khat is known as a "khat session"; in Ethiopia, people who gather for a khat session are called "jema" or "afosha."Mihretu 2017 Khat sessions typically start in the afternoon and last several hours.Al-Maweri 2017 Khat has a sweet taste and an astringent action.Osol 1955 Large amounts of liquids are often consumed while chewing because of the dryness induced by the plant. Many users reverse the after effects by drinking alcohol.Mihretu 2017

Mohammed Hasen Aprl 27, 2020 reply

Khat use has also played a role in Somalia's civil conflict; in the Somali military, the leaves have been issued to soldiers in their daily rations with intentions of inhibiting their need for food and sleep, as well as to increase aggression.Randall 1992

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